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2 weeks ago
Isn’t there a whole dept in the Army called logistics? Empty houses: MOD homes standing empty across UK
2 weeks ago
Did anyone else know it is “common practice” for councils to lend millions to each other? Concerns over £148m of loans from other councils are 'unfounded' claims county council
2 weeks ago
At least this one, although still empty, has new windows! Remember this one @helenpidd Mount St Mayfair. You liked this one @AlisonCork emptyhomesuk photo
2 weeks ago
And this one 18 Upper Grosvenor st. Very famous squat by my friends! #LondonsEmptyHomes emptyhomesuk photo
2 weeks ago
So I left Westminster Council about eight years ago and I had been working on these homes for the 10 years so these two lovely house in Park Lane Mayfair have been empty for at-least 18 years unbelievable #LondonsEmptyHomes emptyhomesuk photo
4 weeks ago
Hmm. I manage shared houses in the East Midlands, and I have recruitment companies begging me for rooms because of the large number of workers coming over from Europe! #jointhedots